H50 Meme: Seven Quotes [3/7] 

Maybe you’re not as alone around here as you think, Danno.”


TV MEME ➔ [4/10] male characters - Danny Williams (H50)

I moved 5,000 miles so that I could see Grace twice a week. Twice a week, okay? That is 48 hours 52 times a year for a grand total of 2,500 hours. When you factor in sleep and school, I can really only count on about 400 hours of real face time each year. And then, you know, that’s only gonna shrink when she starts making friends, then she goes off to college. So ultimately, that does not leave me with a lot of time to spend with my daughter - not as much as I would want. But I never complained. I never complained because every single one of those minutes reminds me of what I am doing and why I am here. That little girl is my life. So I am asking you, I am begging you, Rachel, to please, please, just be kind and don’t take her away from me. That’s all.

Try not to let her drool on the evidence, okay?

If ever again one of your friends or you decide you want to vandalise somebody’s property, I want you to call me immediately.  Understand me?  Yes, Danno.  Hey, listen.  You call me, call me right away.  I can always take you to Uncle Steve’s, alright?

"I named her after dad." "Oh, you named her John." "No, Joan.”